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We provide clients with high-quality products with access to the latest technolofy, training and support, selecting FootfallCam as our primary supplier for their innovative and reliable hardware solutions.

display of people counter | Anzeige des Personenzählers

Up to 99.5% Accuracy

Combines 3D stereoscopic image processing and AI video analytics to achieve consistent and high accuracy, up to 99.5%. It overcomes environmentally challenging conditions, such as strong shadows, inward swinging doors, and inconsistent lighting conditions.

Wider Coverage Area

By utilising dual wide-angle 160-degree fisheye lenses, a single device can cover around 497 square feet at a ceiling height of 4.5 meters. This significantly reduces the required number of counters for entrances, ensures a comprehensive monitoring range, and eliminates the need for excess counters.


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3D Stereo Vision + WiFi Counting

FootfallCam 3D Pro2™ people counter comes with dual lens to facilitate depth perception and 3D view to track and count individuals accurately. The people counter detects smart devices within the Wi-Fi range, normalising the Wi-Fi data with large sample size of statistically neutral video counting data. This provides an accurate view of overall customer shopping behaviour, enabling in-depth Wi-Fi analytics and business metrics.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

3D Pro2™ installation is swift and straightforward. Just one Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet cable connects it, utilising Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for connection setup. Any qualified professionals can efficiently handle installation, ensuring your people counting system is operational in no time.

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